Review with Post-It Notes

I am currently working through my first teaching position and was looking for a way to help my senior class with revision for their upcoming unit test. I was skeptical at first about the different ways to do this because I didn’t know how the senior students would respond to the formative assessment in their review. Not all of the students are active in whole class discussions so I wanted to work personally with each student.

I decided to have student conferences to discuss their concerns with the content and where they felt they needed the most work. In order to teach the students about the importance of self-reflecting, I decided to use post-it notes for each student. The post-it had the exact same wording that I had written on my sheet so it became a “contract” between me and the student to learn this topic. I was feeling confident yesterday that the post-it notes were effective and would help show the students how to plan their revision for tests.

Today in class only a handful of students remembered to bring in their post-it note. The few that did though, made sure that we were both accountable for revising the topics on their post-it notes. My end goal of the strategy is to help these students prepare for post-secondary education. It is going to be all independent learning so my thought is if I give them strategies to use they can continue to be successful after high school

I am wondering what others have used in their classroom to help students with revision strategies?



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