Linking the course continuum to gamification

Last semester we were looking at creating a course continuum to have further student engagement.  The concept of the continuum is similar to a big idea of a course which would lead to backwards design.  Our continuum was based off the grade 11 university prep functions course.  The continuum is still a work in progress but showed a lot of improvement throughout the semester.  The second major goal of the continuum was to help students further develop their metacognitive thinking.

Students in my class liked to use it as a levelling system that provided them with a chance to “gain experience” while working towards their goal of understanding the full scope of the topic.  I found that with their energy I got into it as well and decided to base the way I taught on my own “experience points”.  One day I made a mathematical error and made sure that I couldn’t “Level Up” because I needed to make sure that I understand it better before.

Although I saw a lot of positive results, it was tricky to get the students to buy into the system and try to take risks neccessary to make this a further metacognitive process.   I found that some were able to take the work we did in class and start to apply it to the learning process, but there were too many who waited for us to discuss it together because of the fear of getting the answer wrong.

Overall I think that it was a good new tool that I would like to use in other courses, once I fully understood the way that I could implement it into different areas.  Below I attached the continuum so that anyone could provide feedback for me.



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